vivest provides for...

  • Highest quality standards
  • Efficiency and long service life
  • Tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs
  • Highly qualified teams
  • Strong partners
  • Global experience and local competence
  • Nationwide presence in Chile

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We offer solutions with renewable energies...

  • Photovoltaic - Grid-connected stand-alone equipments for solar parks, industrial or private use
  • Solar pumps – Special solar powered water pumps that use photovoltaic energy for pumping water from 0 to 350 m deep grounds and with a speed of 0,02 to 36 l/s
  • Solar thermal – Warm water generation for industrial and private use
  • Wind power – Single units of up to 20 kW and special solutions of up to 150 kW
  • Hydro power – For water courses with low gradients, allowing decentralized power generation of up to 25 kW (150 kW in series)
  • Biomass – biomaterial based heat generation, electric energy or fuel
  • Energy efficiency

System vendor for quality products for Retail and Wholesale

As system vendor in Chile, Vivest Energías Renovables sales directly or through its specialized stores all necessary system components in order to successfully perform small or large scale Renewable Energy Projects.

All our products are based on proven innovative technologies characterized by high efficiency and long service life. We demand high standards for the products of our manufacturers as well as for our own.

Our system partners: Unity is strength

We are recognized as wholesalers and sales partners for leading German and European manufacturers from the Renewable Energy Sector; Offering you this way a dependable and powerful basis for large scale projects and individual solutions.

Exclusive cooperation
We work in cooperation with Mounting Systems und SOLARWATT, being their exclusive importers for all their products and as strategy partner for different projects.

Mounting Systems
Moreover we are also partners of the following companies
  • Exclusive Partner and Importer:
    Braun Windturbinen, Solarc, Trackers Feina, Uhlmann Solarelectronic, Zotlöterer
  • Premium Sales and Servicepartner:
  • Distribution Partner:
    solarPST (Golden Energy), KWB & RIKA (Energía del Sur)
  • Sales Partner:

Own system solution: solaqua

In the solar thermal sector we have our own product line "solagua". Manufactured in the EU, it is distinguished by its superior quality and high efficiency, meeting the highest demands and complying with the strongest European norms.


Project development:
consultation, planning, execution, maintenance

Vivest Energías Renovables develops energy projects ranging from the concept through planning the location, to the turn-key installation, and also keep maintenance for the sector of Photovoltaic und Solar thermal.

For this we work in tight cooperation with our strategic partners SOLARWATT and Mounting Systems, who are among the world leading manufacturers and developers.

vivest energías renovables is your direct contact for all project phases. We are responsible for clarifying all of your questions on-the-spot up to obtaining the approval. As project managers we build turn-key plants together with our partners, including commissioning. On demand, we also take care of maintenance and services.

Our combined knowhow and economic potential is demonstrated by over 500 Megawatt of installed power in ready-to-use delivered plants by our partners.

vivest energías renovables' regional presence and market knowledge, combined with the global experience of our partners plus the closely cooperation form the basis for successful projects.

Efficient and successful use of renewable energies demands for individual selection and matching of every single component. Tell us the project you have in mind, our experts will determine what you need and based thereon they will tailor the optimum solution for you.